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Tube Chewy Necklace

Tube Chewy Necklace

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These are a socially appropriate way to provide oral motor input for kids who crave oral stimulation. This style is great for destructive chewers as the tubing & clasp are stronger than the oval or star shaped chewies.

Helps to reduce chewing on clothing, markers, fingers, toys, paper, friends - and more....
Is strung onto a para 550 cord with a 5lb. rated clasp that will open if pulled on hard.

Vinyl tubing chewable necklace with a safe break away clasp for children with special oral needs. Made with strong Para cord 550 in your choice of color. (18" length in picture)

>~~ Break away safety clasp (clasp is not for chewing on)
>~~ Helps with self regulation, anxiety, oral sensory needs
>~~ Safe for kids and stylish, too!

*** Some kids end up chewing on the clasp - if you are concerned about this possibility then I suggest ordering a set of clasps as well

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